Arc Flash Corporation’s SIGNATURE Project – The 1st PLATINUM GREEN BUILDING In Malaysia


31st May 2011 marks a very important date for Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd, because on this day, Malaysia’s first Platinum Green Building was being launched by our DPM and was published today on the newspapers nationwide on 1st June 2011.
Arc Flash Corporation is proud to be involved in this project which houses Suruhanjaya Tenaga, Malaysian’s Energy Commision located in Precint 2, Putrajaya. The Diamond Building is LEED Platinum Building, the first Malaysian Green Building Index Platinum building and the first certified GBI building or Green Energy Office.

Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd was involved in the project at the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). We applied our nano titanium dioxide (tio2) in the whole building to help to maintain the best indoor air quality by continuously reducing the VOCs and Formeldehyde level to the lowest at all times.







Our nano tio2 was applied to the whole internal structures of the building, including all the ceilings, walls, floors and also all the fittings and fixtures as well as all the furnitures located in this building.

Besides LOW VOCs and Formaldehyde, upon application of our nano tio2, thus building is also Free from:
1) Molds/Fungus
2) Bacteria and Airborne contaminants
3) Odor

Apart from these benefits, using nano tio2 application on green buildings is cost and time saving too. Experts pointed out in our green building seminar which was held last week, that there are 2 requirements in the green building in improving the indoor air quality. Air Flushing is one method and Air Quality Testing is another.


Air Flushing could take a long time and it’s cost consuming because you’ll need very expensive equipments for flush out the air of a whole building. Imagine that a building is due in 3 months and the air flushing has to be done pre-occupied. It’ll easily take up to 20 to 30 days to thoroughly flush out the air of a building of let’s say 7 stories. Therefore if it takes another month to complete the building just for flushing the air, it will be a great lost to the building itself as well as the contractors.
On the other hand, air quality testing can be done during occupancies, but if at the end of a few months time, the indoor air quality is still above the accepted levels in VOCs and Formaldehyde, air flushing is needed to be done. Hence, the extra costs again.
However, during our seminar, experts also pointed out that by using the nano tio2 application, it is the easiest way to maintain the indoor air quality way much below the acceptable levels. This was proven in the air quality monitoring of our Diamond Building over a period of 3 months.




notice the VOCs were already low because this building was using low VOCs materials



notice the VOCs level in some levels goes down to ZERO after 3 months



It was a great experience with the team in this job

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Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd., is Malaysian owned company which has been appointed by a manufacturer as the Sole Distributor of the brand, Nanoyo in the South East Asian Region. The manufacturer is a Japanese based manufacturer that manufactures the Nanoyo PHOTOCATALYST Coating. Arc Flash Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd’s role is to carry on the task of distributing, promoting and expanding the market for the Nanoyo PHOTOCATALYST products and services in the allocated region in the South Asia.
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